Real Estate


The commercialization of your property (floor, house, premises, office, parking lot or industrial building) will be treated with the utmost rigour, diligence and in a personal way, where we will advise you on the necessary updates to rent it in the best conditions..
We also filter the profile of those interested in your property so that the best guarantees of solvency of the candidates are met.
The management of your property will be quick and efficient, as we use and optimize the best digital tools for its proper development.
We carry out all the management up to the end with maximum security guarantees, we take care of the negotiation and drafting of the lease contract, as well as all administrative and fiscal procedures derived from it. We have legal advice so that you always feel supported, as well as different types of insurance coverage.


Our personal and direct contact guarantees the marketing process of your flat, house, premises, office or industrial building, where you will be informed of the development of the proceedings at all times.
We guarantee agility. We advise and value your property for free and we will help you to fix an optimal price for sale in the best conditions.
We manage the entire process of buying and selling, from your complete photographic report in high resolution, such as the use of digital tools so that your advertising is extensive and reaches the maximum number of buyers, to its completion with tax settlement (Plusvalías) and all the administrative procedures derived from it (supplies, registrations, preparation transmission notary, etc.).
The main objective will be the sale of your property where you will receive all the commercial, administrative and legal support of our office.

Asset management

Our team will take care of all the usual administrative procedures, with a special involvement in the collection guarantee and the updating of the duration of the contracts.
Disponemos de un servicio de gestión de cualquier incidencia que se presente en el inmueble. Gracias a nuestra experiencia y un ánimo continuo de mejora que cada día nos avala. La satisfacción de nuestros clientes, de todos volúmenes, son la mejor garantía, ya que reciben anualmente un informe patrimonial personalizado.

Horizontal Administration

We have everything necessary for the management of communities of owners (administrators, architects, lawyers and officials) that will facilitate and simplify the management of the community to preserve its proper conservation and maintenance, as well as strict economic management.
The use of technological tools allows us to achieve a correct communication between owners, president, board of directors and manager. We audit, including community finances, bank reconciliation and incident management with the aim of reducing error margins and response time.